BERTOR (Enrico Bertorotta), born in Rome (Italy), grew up in an artistic environment, his parents being owners of a famous art gallery in Rome in the 60 ': 'the 'ncontro'. In this context he developed his own artistic approach using various artistic expressions such as oil painting, sculpture (stone, wood), drawing and even the simple graphics. For many years, BERTOR also lived in Africa and in Middle East. During these years, he focused his work on the sculpture - with a research essentially on the Shape - to reach an Archetype, almost a symbol, of the representation of an idea. BERTOR uses to use 'poor' materials as stones, pieces of wood failed at the edge of rivers or of sea but also objects of the past as pieces of rusty iron, with the will to give a new life to these abandoned things. Today BERTOR lives to Bracciano near Rome and devotes to its artistic passion.