Yolanda & H

Mixed Media
YOLANDA & H questions. What is our place in an anarchically developing mankind that upsets the balances of the world? Man is losing contact with the elements and forces around him. His conscience about what connects him to these has highly become blunted up to the point of weakening every ecosystem. What is our way of thinking really worth? Is it favourable for us? Or is it on the contrary driving us further apart from this conscience that is so essential to the natural balance of our world; at the risk of causing our downfall and taking with us a large part of the human, animal and plant world? Yolanda & H are not trying to convince others about stakes threatening us. Their work is the result of a research which allows us to sharpen our conscience. Yet, some people act following their own way. Yolanda & H contemplate their action in the public areas as an opportunity to broaden the influence of all people looking for more balance between man and nature. YOLANDA & H sculptures demonstrate the interconnection and reliance between all living forms. In some sculptures, like HEART, the bright, vivid fluorescent yellow light -glowing from within- is juxtaposed by the rigid, decaying Corten steel rusting away. Nature is symbolized by the striking yellow light; it is omnipresent and never fully overcome by the Corten steel representing human kind. This work bears witness to the significant conflict that is taking place before us. Refusing to be suppressed, the delicate form of nature radiates its fluorescent yellow aura against the steel. The dissonance between human production and the natural environment gives birth to mutated, hybrid forms: in BRAIN, human vital organs -strange and surreal- meld with the forms of sea animals. Brain coral is a familiar structure...conjuring an association with human intelligence. However, the sculptures before us causes us to wonder, "What is our intention toward our universe?" The work demonstrates the interconnection and reliance between all living forms. Within each of theCORAL pieces a kind of primal sap courses through the confluence of veins-calling to our attention the common origins of man and the natural world. The last part of the show portrays redemption and hope. The vital forces of nature and humanity live in perfect harmony; creating fantastic forms of unusual color and beauty. The synergy of both nature and human creations is made possible by the radical changes on the shapes and the color from within - dull tones of steel melt away into the energy and vitality of nature. "Michele Mariaud" Michele Mariaud Gallery - New York (US)

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Madrid (E) Galerie CAPA
2016 Bruxelles (B) Galerie CAPA
2015 New York (USA) Michele Mariaud Gallery
2013 Bruxelles (B) Tower's Art Gallery
2013 Madrid (E) Galerie CAPA
2013 Bruxelles (B) Galerie CAPA

Collective Exhibitions
2015 Bruxelles (B) Galerie CAPA
2014 Bruxelles (B) Galerie CAPA
2012 New York (USA) Michele Mariaud gallery
2011 Bruxelles (B) Palais de la Folle Chanson
2011 Philadelphie (USA) Art in the Open 2011
2010 Bruxelles (B) –Giants -Tour et Taxis - Entrepôt Royal
2010 Monts-sur-Guesnes (F) - Centre d’art de Puy Guerin
2010 Bruxelles (B) – Festival Couleur Café (Cool art Café)
2010 Charleroi (B) – Mai’tallurgie
2009 Lo-Reningen (B) - Beeldenroute
2009 Bruxelles (B) – CCM ARTKUNST 2009
2008 Bruxelles (B) – CCM ARTKUNST 2008
2007 Bruxelles (B) - Festival Couleur Café (Cool art Café) 

Art fairs
2016 San Francisco (USA)- Art Market San Francisco - Michele Mariaud Galery
2015 Miami (USA) - Aqua Art Miami - Michele Mariaud Galery
2014 New-York (USA) - AAF - Michele Mariaud Galery
2014 New-York (USA) - Select Fair - Michele Mariaud Galery
2014 Hong Kong (CHN) - AAF - Michele Mariaud Galery
2014 Palm Beach (USA) - Art Palm Beach - Michele Mariaud Galery
2013 Palm Beach (USA) - Art Palm Beach - Living With Art
2011 Bruxelles (B) AAF - Living With Art

Public works
2016 Bruxelles (B) - Public order - Communal Library of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
2012 Bruxelles (B) - Public order - Metro Osseghem
2007 Braine-le-Château (B) - Company Hugo Neumann
2007 Bruxelles (B) - Dental Office Dumalin
2006 Bruxelles (B) - Tour & Taxis - Entrepot Royal