The exhibition 'ENIGMAS' tells us about Man, his peculiarities, his characteristics and his place in the world. This exhibition allows us to discover paintings by Diosdado Hernandez Gavilan as well as sculptures by Yolanda & H.

• Diosdado Hernandez Gavilan

Lines, colours, textures, numbers and symbols twirl around the magical fantasy of the artist, blend or break up into small pieces of an ancient and well-known story, Life.
The works in the series 'Enigmas' encourage the viewer to reflect and meditate about his own life. A relationship of familiarity is created between the work and the viewer who then perceives the different aspects of life that divide and transform us such as social patterns, vices, habits, traditions, myths, beliefs, our imperfections.

The composition of the works of the series 'Enigmas' reveals us inseparable elements whose colours and their tones contrast harmoniously with the funds which welcome them. The artist wants to evoke the wandering human beings in a world more and more globalized, but satisfied with their fate. He thus evokes the random place of the human being in the world.

For each work, the artist has chosen a dominant colour that reflects a state of mind and allows him to transmit a symbolic emotional state. His works reflect feelings, sensations, fights, storms, calm, decisions taken or to be made that force us to look beyond what we see. We then perceive the deep rhythm of the artist's life and his spiritual richness.

The series 'Enigmas' shows us that man is in permanent transformation and that thus he is singled out and becomes a unique and exceptional being.


Corten steel, bronze, glass, coral, gold paint, silver, fluorescent, as much material that make up the sculptures of Yolanda & H. Corten steel sculptures, painted or not evoke the interconnections between all forms of life.

In some sculptures, the bright, vivid fluorescent yellow light - glowing from within - is juxtaposed by the rigid, decaying Corten steel rusting away. Nature is symbolized by the striking yellow light; it is omnipresent and never fully overcome by the Corten steel representing human kind. This work bears witness to the significant conflict that is taking place before us. Refusing to be suppressed, the delicate form of nature radiates its fluorescent yellow aura against the steel. The dissonance between human production and the natural environment gives birth to mutated, hybrid forms, strange and surreal: human vital organs - strange and surreal - meld with the forms of sea animals. Brain coral is a familiar structure...conjuring an association with human intelligence.

However, before anything else, these sculptures lead us to wonder, "What is our intention toward our universe?" What is our place in an anarchically developing mankind that upsets the balances of the world? Man is losing contact with the elements and forces around him. His conscience about what connects him to these has highly become blunted up to the point of weakening every ecosystem. What is our way of thinking really worth? Is it favourable for us? Or is it on the contrary driving us further apart from this conscience that is so essential to the natural balance of our world; at the risk of causing our downfall and taking with us a large part of the human, animal and plant world. Yolanda & H are not trying to convince others about stakes threatening us. Their work is rather the result of a research which allows them to sharpen our conscience.

23 April > 22 June 2018
24 April 2018