Errances - Les silhouettes et les âmes silencieuses

The exhibition 'Errances - Les silhouettes et les âmes silencieuses' ('Wanderings - Silent silhouettes and souls') brings together unique photographs of Corinne Héraud and bronze sculptures of Karen that silently vibrate in tune..

Corinne Héraud
• Career - Approach
After a professional experience away from photography, Corinne Héraud decides to devote herself to what was previously a passion. Her first exhibition in 2006 will mark the beginning of a work in which intimacy is a big part.
She conducts a work on an introspective questioning that digs at the heart of our human nature. The themes of identity, image and solitudes are also addressed.
Deeply inspired by the pictorialist movement, the constant seeking of a process allowing to give a unique character to each of her photographs strongly orients her approach. She turns to techniques that require manual intervention during which the image is embodied in a material that the hand shapes. The randomness of manipulation makes each photograph unique.
• 'Ames silencieuses' ('Silent Souls')
With a decidedly classical aesthetics, 'Silent Souls' seem to spring from our memory. The chiaroscuros guide us to the essence of these characters whose outlines are lost in a dark and nondescript decor. It is the intimate, deep thoughts, in a word, the soul of these men and women that are to be perceived. Their aura invites us to a dreamlike journey into the recesses of our humanity.

Born in 1959 in Congo. Karen lives and works in Brussels.
Multidisciplinary artist (sculpture, painting & mixed media), full-time since 2001.
• Career - Approach
Psychotherapist in training, Karen places man at the centre of her research. She seeks to bring out the emotion that inhabits human beings but also the eternity of the traces they leave.
• 'Silhouettes silencieuses' ('Silent silhouettes')
Timeless, delicate, secret and silent silhouettes emerge without intention or project. These are the forces of the unconscious that are released under her fingers. Frozen in sovereign immobility, suspended in time, they keep their distance in solitude and serenity. They express the unfinished journey, vulnerability and fragility of Human, but also his dignity and greatness before the mystery of life.

12 september > 11 november 2016
15 septembre 2016