I'm pronoid

The exhibition presents the world of Chrystel Egal, multidisciplinary artist (writer, photographer, filmmaker), where Man belongs to a material, but also intangible, world. The body of man is sometimes attacked by the ultimate forces that project it in the extreme of its soul and reveal to it its greatest truths, sometimes its soul feels the vibrations, light, colours of a text or an image and sends them to its body and mind. In this complex world, C. = focuses her work on the reconciliation of Man with the Other. Her works are part of a sort of initiation journey where her “I” is a deep desire to agree on, by and with the other, so far and so close. See, feel, vibrate, desire, create, explore new fields. Bring a new way of seeing things when meeting the Other who, at the same time, helps to be disclosed. Linking ancient & contemporary, East & West, abstraction & figuration, picture & writing. These frictions weave new spaces, open and peaceful architectures where the artist poses her questions. As part of the exhibition organized by the BEGRAMOFF gallery, C. = presents her work in the form of installations bringing together photographs from her own films, photographs worked and photographs including paperwork. Beyond this diversity of expressions, C. = explores on one hand the body, material, and on the other hand, the intangible emotion * On the one hand, the body is probed through experiences - limits occurring during an initiation like a ritual of revelation: sadomasochism, risk, transvestism, the homeless, drugs ... the body is considered the world's perception tool, as a field of experimentation or as a place of test. Photographs of the initiatory Tribal performance, of remarkable strength, are to be discovered within the framework of the exhibition. = C. writes: "Tribal the price of sacrifice as a bitter pleasure ... What remains when one does not believe in oneself, neither in God nor society, nor in life after death or in love? It remains the body and its extremes and the extreme is what is quite at the end. I think again of this man who believes that salvation passes through the tattoo to the point that his reasons cannot any longer be hidden. It revives the pain to be closer to the essential." * On the other, emotion, vibration, energy and light are perceived as means of investigation of what is beyond the physical and reveals another language. The series (my) mandalas, white on black, partly exposed, is an expression ... These graphs of writings are all internal tattoos, palpitations of her life: radiophonic, literary, bursts, vivid reflections, open questions, to feel or to decipher ... Breathe the white, dive into the dark ... Let be overwhelmed by the vibration of the text ... The work of C. = is such a diary of a journey where initiations reveal the deepest part of herself opening then to meet the other. C. = renders us in an almost animal way to the vibrations of the universe. Create, expose oneself are erotic acts since one is to be revealed to one’s intimate. Write, create is most of all living it... In her work C. = covers everything but always with the aim to push the boundaries whatsoever.

29 june > 3 september 2015
2 july 2015