Lumière et Ténèbre

The exhibition 'Lumière et Ténèbre' ('Light and Darkness') by Alain Le Boucher and MagLau places beautiful within cultural diversity, which allows to present various perceptions of the world.

On the one hand, a child raised in Brittany close to the sea and the sky, passionate about astronomy, Alain Le Boucher.
On the other hand, MagLau, the fusion of two artists (a painter, a photographer), united in work and in life, both of whom are deeply marked by the dark hours of history: Mag has lived the war in Georgia and Lau was marked by the disappearance of many members of his family during the Shoah.

The reconciliation of the luminous sculptures of Alain Boucher, 'Luchrones', and of the black works of Maglau, assembling Mag’s painting and Lau’s photography, will allow us to travel through the fears and dreams of each of us.

The 'Luchrones' of Alain Le Boucher are sculptures whose lights change according to programs he writes like music. Through a transparent construction of thin metal wires, the movements and rhythms of light transform constantly the volume and make the sculpture living. Inspired by the distant flashes of stars, Alain Le Boucher uses light as his preferred means of expression and contemplates it as a message carrier, as a puzzle to decode. By composing real luminous choreographies, he seeks to create a volume of space-time, opening thus the sculpture to the fourth dimension.

MagLau is the result of a romantic encounter that made them unite painting and photography. Interacting with their sensibilities and their own stories, they develop a dark aesthetic, where black dominates between bursts of intense light. MagLau offers us a ride in a fantasy world that is the product of their fears and fantasies. In a kind of new surrealism, materials and processes combine to form unique works immediately recognizable by their strength and uniqueness. Both artists have made numerous solo exhibitions in recent years and have begun to exhibit together under the name MagLau since last year.

27 june > 9 september 2016
28 june 2016