From Meditation to Cosmos

The BEGRAMOFF gallery is pleased to present the exhibition "From Meditation to Cosmos" composed of paintings by Helena Darcq and light sculptures - Luchrones - by Alain Le Boucher

12 March > 20 April 2018 (open M > F - 10am to 2.30pm & by appointment (+32 (0) 470 55 71 10).

The opening will be held on March 19 from 6:00 to 9:00pm at the gallery.

H. Darcq lived few years in China where she learned from painters and calligraphers. She developed an art work impregnated by Chinese aesthetics.Painter, passionate by both traditional and modern techniques,she is inspired by natural elements taken in their essence. Vibration, rustle, quivering, eddies, running, crunching, so many imaginary traces, liberated movements, echoes, fragments of nature deposited on the canvas. She considers her painting as a painting of suggestion, the encounter between a gesture and a dark matter where sometimes the color is invited subtly. Each moment of painting is the result of an earlier work of interiorization of gestures and breath, the deep memorization of the form that the body and the spirit together perform. Deep black pigments, bright lights, soft or velvety materials take us into a contemplative mental universe that invites us to meditation.

Alain Le Boucher, a child raised in Brittany near the sea and the sky, passionate about astronomy, became a philosopher and then an artist who made 'Luchrones', luminous sculptures. The 'Luchrones' are sculptures whose lights evolve according to programs he describes as music. Through a transparent construction of thin metallic threads, movements and rhythms of light constantly transform the volume and make the sculpture alive. Inspired by the distant bursts of stars, Alain Le Boucher uses light as his preferred means of expression and considers it as a message carrier, enigma to decode. By composing real luminous choreographies, he tries to create a volume of space-time, opening the sculpture on the fourth dimension.

12 March > 20 April 2018
19 March 2018 - 6 to 9pm