Tierra y paisaje de Cuba (Earth and landscape of Cuba)

The BEGRAMOFF gallery has the great pleasure of welcoming the Cuban young painter Maikel Sotomayor and organizing the exhibition 'Tierra y paisaje de Cuba' ('Earth and landscapes of Cuba') with some of his works. The exhibition will take place from September 17 to December 20, 2018 and will be open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 2:30 pm and by appointment (0470 55 71 10).

The BEGRAMOFF gallery offers a series of selected works by Maikel Sotomayer illustrating several series of paintings (Posado sobre la noche, Paisajes menguantes, Tortuga con playa y montaña, Camino del cuarto menguante, Atajos, Con Musashy en Viñales) made these recent years.

Maikel Sotomayor, a young artist born in Cuba in 1989, lived in the countryside before studying at the School of Fine Arts in Havana, the city. His youth in the countryside has profoundly influenced his painting. His inspiration comes from country landscapes that allow him to work on memories and their impact. Having left the countryside and now living in the city, Maikel Sotomayor reinterprets the countryside with his urban experience. He considers 'The Landscape' as a place of discovery and encounter with oneself. To revise or represent such spaces causes a questioning in man as well physical as mental.
Maikel writes: 'A landscape that is quiet can be complicit. Like a whisper'.
Maikel Sotomayor is interested in the meaning of the image. The images he gives us to contemplate evoke his psychic state. Her painting always reflects a powerful spiritual interiority and therefore takes care of her own spiritual interiority.
Sometimes the paintings are wide shots and sometimes they are kind of 'close up' sometimes difficult to identify and these paintings then become almost abstract. Even if the painting of Maikel Sotomayor sometimes evokes Matisse, it plunges us into a spiritual universe very specific to Cuba and a new grid of reading is imposed on the spectator.

17 September 2018 > 25 January 2019
15 November 2018