Untitled (Les mots manquent aux émotions - Victor Hugo)

The exhibition "Untitle" (Les mots manquent aux émotions’ - Victor Hugo) allows us to discover paintings from FRONZA which enter in resonance with Thierry Bontridder's sculptures.
Thierry Bontridder is not a sculptor in the classic sense. He does not only carve, he assists the event of a meeting between elements. Far from being only punctual, the event consists of its propagation. With a preference for the movement and the light, the artist imagines compositions where everything articulates far from the centre and generates an undulatory rhythm, a dynamic strength, an animation created by the transparency or the refraction of the colour. As an engineer or a watchmaker, he assembles with a remarkable technical control, the wood, the glass, the plates of copper, titanium or steel that it beforehand shaped, bent and calibrated. The open and airy structure of its assemblies in stiff materials offers an unexpected lightness, a power of expansion, a vitality, which evokes abstract concepts: flight, rise, blooming or desire. Furthermore, the rigor of their execution, which underlies all the Thierry Bontridder's works, goes hand in hand with a poetic sensibility. His works of an uncluttered beauty inhale a harmonious serenity, a kind of introvert assurance.
As an insatiable researcher, FRONZA spends his life to be creative, moving forward to new paths. His paintings evoke worlds where live bursts at the same time poetic and close to certain violence, making us fall over in an illusion of depth of field. He borrows from the reality elements which he transforms in order to lead us towards a more internal and secret world with suggestive and emotional power. In his paintings, Fronza draws lines between spots, suggestive forms and the imagination opens its doors, in strong oppositions of tones which make vibrate the colour. All these bright atmospheres are revealing a sparkling world, where the enthusiasm is totally mastered and in this World, Fronza takes us towards the mystery, the poetry and the weird.

20 March > 23 June 2017
23 mars 2017