Voyage dans l'espace des perceptions

BEGRAMOFF Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition 'Voyage dans l'espace des perceptions' ('Travel in the Space of Perceptions') which combines sculptural works by Charlotte Dugauquier, French artist and pictorial works by Yorgos Papageorgiou, Greek painter. The exhibition aims to create a universe in which the works scrutinize themselves, question themselves, talk to themselves, stimulate themselves and highlight themselves. The sculptures of Charlotte Dugauquier, made of the assembly of parts coming from nature with a cosmogonical lightness, interact with energy with the arrangement of lines and territories in disarming vitality of Yorgos Papageorgiou.

Charlotte Dugauquier is a visual artist, graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, whose experience extends to fields as diverse as architecture, costume design, jewellery creation for the Haute Couture, and also teaching.
As part of all these activities, she is especially a gleaner and a treasure hunter, attracted by the universe of Bachelard, by cosmogony. Nature is her main source of inspiration/exploration: cycle, breathing, atomic structure, alchemy of elements ... She loves the soul of materials and their pathetic existence, their energy, their sensuality. She weaves and structures the ephemeral and the spiritual and finds the link to our roots. Her creative process is a movement that oscillates between the intimate depths of the unconscious and the desire for openness to the world.

Yorgos Papageorgiou, scientist by training, has studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Brussels (workshop Toma Roata) before living in Beijing from 2005 to 2010 and in Cairo from 2010 to 2012. He now lives between Brussels and Paros (Greece). This international route will greatly influence his artistic development, which we shall discover through the colours and light of the various works presented.
His artistic approach is in line with modern art. He assembles colours, lines in a specific order. Few figurative representations, colours, lines, swirls take us into a singular emotional universe. He does not seek beauty in the academic and ancient sense of the term, but is left to be freely guided to its truth. The arrangement of lines and coloured areas, of a sometimes dazzling brightness, but sometimes also of an agonizing darkness, or even of areas occupied by singular worlds, strongly reminds us of the violence and sweetness of life.

25 january > 4 march 2016