Neon Shadows

Bryn McConnell writes : "Generally I paint about the interplay between our interior and exterior forms. Our soul/spirit/psyche versus our visible physical identity. Does what we wear, how we look and how we act relate to our inner world of emotions, desires and dreams in a direct way? Do these two realms easily coexist or are they in conflict? Does the vulnerable intangibility of our spirit need armor to stay safe? This was a question I explored in previous paintings through fashion. Fashion as a form of protection, camouflage and expression.
This series of small paintings follow a transition away from safety. Quietly, the figures release the protection of garments and costume and begin to engage in the world in a sensual way. The senses can offer the spirit a vehicle to engage with the outside world in a vulnerable, courageous way. The strength for this comes from exploring our dark inner realms, getting scared to get strong. The inner work builds heat, then fire, then light which can beam through fingers, eyes, ears, mouths, noses and hearts. We are kaleidoscopes of neon shadows".

25 June > 14 September 2018
26 June 2018